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Assemblyman Jay Webber has earned the Taxpayer Hero award from Americans for Prosperity, Taxpayer Champion award from the New Jersey Taxpayers Alliance, and the for his pro-taxpayer voting record in the Assembly

From my position on the Assembly Budget Committee, I have helped put New Jersey back on the right track — by sponsoring the Fiscal Year 2011 budget that closed an inherited $11 billion deficit without raising taxes, supporting an historic property tax cap that has helped curb New Jersey’s sky-high property taxes, and enacting pension-and-healthcare reforms that will save taxpayers $120 billion over 30 years and preserve those benefits for the employees and retirees who rely on them.

But New Jersey still is one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, and our citizens deserve tax relief and an affordable state.  There is much more to be done.  In all, I have sponsored bills that would provide more than $1 billion of tax relief for New Jersey’s beleaguered taxpayers, and proposed real reductions in the property tax, income tax, sales tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, and various fees.

Assemblyman Jay Webber earned the award of Guardian of Small Business from the National Federation of Independent Businesses—New Jersey, for having worked effectively to protect and preserve the future of free enterprise and small business

New Jersey has a combination of advantages no other state can boast — good people, a smart and talented workforce, an industrial backbone, world-class ports, strong schools, friendly small towns, livable suburbs, cities with great potential, beautiful beaches, rolling hills, significant history, and productive farms.  We should still be an economic powerhouse, as New Jersey was for most of our history.  The trick is to get out of the way and let our people prosper again.  Our economic stagnation is attributable to bad government policies — but we can change that.

New Jersey does not necessarily need more laws, it needs better ones.  Tax cuts and reduced government spending are the engines of New Jersey’s economic recovery. We should be focused on removing the government-created obstacles to economic prosperity and job creation.

In addition to reducing income and corporate taxes and reining in government spending to establish the foundation for economic success, I have advocated for economic policies like the Home-Based Jobs Creation Act, which would make it easier for individuals to work or start businesses out of their own homes while respecting the rights of neighborhoods and local authorities.

Jay Webber has “walked the walk” and “proven [his] ability to make tough choices in government.”  New Jersey Hills

When it comes to making New Jersey more ethical, transparent, and honest, I believe elected officials should lead by example.  Public service should be just that — service.  That’s why I voluntarily decline the generous taxpayer-funded health benefits offered to Legislators.  And that’s why I was out front on ending defined-benefit public pensions for Legislators.  I am also leading the effort on transparency to put all of New Jersey’s taxpayer receipts and expenditures online for taxpayers to see, and New Jersey’s YourMoney transparency portal is now a national model for transparency in government.  And I have sought to crack down on elected officials taking campaign contributions from members of their own staff, a practice that is outlawed at the federal level but sadly and inexplicably is permitted to continue in New Jersey to this day.

Jay Webber is “the state’s premiere champion of healthcare reform” and “possesses a rare understanding of the problems facing New Jersey and the solutions required to right the ship.”  Matt Rooney, SaveJersey

“The Webber proposal offers lower costs and more choices for consumers[.]” The Wall Street Journal

When it comes to healthcare, I believe New Jersey’s individuals and families have three main priorities:  choice, quality, and affordability.  That’s why I introduced my bill that would permit New Jerseyans to purchase health insurance from other states, which would encourage competition in the healthcare marketplace, drive down insurance costs, and expand our choices.  I also am leading the way in an innovative bipartisan effort to emphasize prevention and early treatment of chronic disease for public employees, which will improve the quality of outcomes for the employees and save money for taxpayers.  I also support protecting doctors and hospitals from abusive lawsuits, which also will lower costs by cutting down on needless procedures demanded by defensive medicine, and permit more doctors to stay in New Jersey.

“This bill is monumental. . . . In 2009, if you told me we’d have tenure reform, I would have looked at you like you had two heads.”  Better Education for Kids Executive Director Darrell Bradford

As both a father of seven growing children and a taxpayer, I understand well the desire to balance the quality of education our kids deserve with the need to make that education affordable and cost-effective.  That’s why I sponsored the historic reform of the tenure system for our K-12 teachers, which increases accountability, improves professional development for educators, and puts our schools’ focus where it should be:  on the success of our students.  I also am an advocate for expanding educational opportunities for those kids stuck in our lowest-performing schools, by giving them a chance to go to a school of their choice.  As for higher education, I have proposed innovative ways to make college more affordable to students and their families, by allowing them to finance their educations in way that will minimize student-loan debt (and control ever-rising tuition rates too!)

Assemblyman Jay Webber is a “pro-life, pro-family legislator” who has earned the Defender of the Family Legislative Award from the NJ Family Policy Council

New Jersey’s families are the bedrock of our State, and I work in the Assembly to protect and strengthen them by respecting marriage and the rights of parents for the care of their children.  I am pro-life because I believe society has an obligation to protect its most vulnerable citizens.  That’s why I advance policies that support children and their parents, such as making resources available to families expecting a child diagnosed with challenging disabilities like Down syndrome, and the NJ Family First Employer Act, designed to encourage employers to build and foster parent-friendly work arrangements for their employees.

“We honor those Americans who understood the greatness of our nation and the significance of our way of life.  We honor those Americans who understood that sometimes freedom can be achieved only through devotion, courage, and the final, ultimate sacrifice.”  Assemblyman Jay Webber, Grand Marshall of the 2013 Rockaway Township Memorial Day Parade

All Americans owe a huge debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served our country and sacrificed to secure our safety and defend our way of life.  That’s why I have sponsored or supported a number of pieces of legislation to make the lives of our soldiers and veterans just a little bit easier, and to honor them for their dedication and sacrifice for the cause of human freedom.  Tax relief for soldiers, making college affordable for veterans and their families, help for military spouses and disabled veterans, honoring our veterans — those things are the very least our State can do to show how much we appreciate the brave service of our active and retired servicemen and servicewomen.

Jay Webber has “shown an admirable ability to temper passion with reason” and “get the wishes of his constituents met.”  New Jersey Hills

Serving as an Assemblyman means more than just working in the State Capitol of Trenton  — it means staying in touch with and responding to the needs of our local communities that make up New Jersey’s 26th Legislative District.  That’s why I have made local priorities like flood prevention and mitigation, shared services and efficiencies, Greystone open space, Highlands reform, and the protection of Lake Hopatcong my priorities.

To serve constituents, I have a full-time public District Office open during normal business hours in Parsippany, where any constituent can visit with me and my staff.  I also am on the road around the District all the time — visiting with constituents, attending local events, and holding Mobile Office Hours and Townhalls.  Our Events page lists just some of those travels.  Often ideas for new initiatives come out of those local visits with constituents, and I always welcome your input and feedback.

Assemblyman Jay Webber earned a Certificate of Appreciation from Morris Plains, presented in recognition of his efforts and dedicated service to the children and community of Morris Plains

I am committed to pursuing policies that balance the provision of essential government services and the protection of the most vulnerable among us — while never losing sight of those too-often-forgotten folks:  the hard-working taxpayers who play by the rules and ask only a fair shake from their government.

In putting that ethic into action, I have focused on helping the victims of domestic violence and child abuse, enabling support for the Special Olympics, encouraging voluntary contributions to charities, bringing awareness to breast cancer, ending human trafficking, and developing special needs trusts for persons with developmental disabilities.  I supported the Developmental Disability Bill of Rights for family members of disabled residents, because caregivers should be supported even as they care for those in need.  I have worked to secure support for residential specialized care facilities, services, and homes for physically disabled adults to maximize each individual’s independence.

Jay Webber has “strong credentials as a conservative.”  Politickernj.com

The first and most important purpose of government is maintaining basic order in society, so that safe and secure citizens can enjoy their freedoms.  In keeping with that fundamental function of government, I have worked to prevent and punish fraud, expand victims’ rights, upgrade penalties for certain offenses, and bring the criminal code into the 21st century to account for new technologies.

“Thank you, Jay Webber, for keeping my father’s legacy alive in New Jersey.  Jay embodies the same spirit and principles that my father held dear.”  Michael Reagan

I believe our State should show a healthy respect for the fundamental constitutional and conscience rights of law-abiding citizens.  The United States and New Jersey Constitutions should stand as bulwarks against unjustified and unwarranted government interference in the lives of  citizens who often ask only to be left alone to live in relative peace and prosperity.  My Oath of Office includes my swearing that “I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same” — and that is an Oath always guiding my decisions and actions as an Assemblyman.  In keeping with that, I have fought for accountability for the government authorities charged with conducting background checks and granting gun permits or identification cards, for protection of firearms records from certain government disclosures, and to excuse college students with conflicts of conscience from certain class requirements.

“Assemblyman Webber exemplifies what New Jersey taxpayers are looking for in a leader — fiscal responsibility, honesty, and a willingness to fight for what’s right.”  Senator Tom Kean

I am fortunate that my own father still lives in New Jersey close to me and his grandchildren.  Excessive taxes and other punitive government policies, however, have made our State unaffordable for too many seniors on fixed incomes, forcing them to flee the Garden State because of its high cost of living.  After a lifetime of effort and contributions to our Garden State, our seniors deserve much better than a tax-forced expulsion from New Jersey.  To make our State more affordable for all of our residents, and especially our seniors, I have sponsored bills that would provide more than $1 billion of tax relief and propose real reductions in the property tax, income tax, sales tax, estate taxinheritance tax, and various fees.

With seniors and their retirement incomes specifically in mind, I have sponsored a bipartisan measure that would double the amount of certain retirement income that may be excluded from gross income under the New Jersey income tax.  I also support the Continuing Care Community Bill of Rights, designed to grant reasonable rights and protections to seniors in continuing care facilities.

Jay Webber “has looked beyond ideology in several instances, notably working with other legislators to keep private development out of the former Greystone Psychiatric Hospital grounds in Parsippany Troy-Hills.”  New Jersey Hills

New Jersey was named the Garden State for good reason, and our open space and natural resources should remain priorities for our State.  That’s why I successfully fought for the preservation of the expansive Greystone open space, a precious recreational resource in the center of Morris County. Also, flooding prevention and mitigation is an environmental priority that directly affects the quality of life of so many New Jerseyans, especially my constituents in the 26th District.  I have supported policies that protect endangered species like the Red Knot,  increases to animal cruelty penalties, the establishment of the crime of dog fighting, and the prohibition of the slaughter of certain livestock.

“We are grateful to Assemblyman Webber for his swift and effective leadership addressing the shelter education funding problem.  He recognized the issue immediately and shepherded a solution through the legislative process in record time, garnering bipartisan support from the start.”  Patty Sly, Executive Director, Jersey Battered Women’s Service

We should advance the NJ Family First Employer Act, designed to encourage employers to build and foster parent-friendly work arrangements for their employees.  Our policies should promote women’s access to the healthcare by making insurance more affordable, I also support protecting doctors and hospitals from abusive lawsuits, which will expand women’s choices in choosing their physicians by encouraging more doctors to locate and remain in New Jersey.

I have pushed successfully for a law that supports the educational costs of the children whose mothers are the victims of domestic violence, and I sponsor legislation to combat the evil of human trafficking.  I have also supported protecting victims of sexual violence through an enhanced rape shield law.

In addition, through the State Budget, I have prioritized and supported funding for the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault; for Family Success Centers that include domestic violence prevention; for the Home Visitation Program that includes early primary intervention services for pregnant women and children up to 5; and for Qualified Health Centers that provide comprehensive primary care health services including exams, obstetrics, and pediatrics.

“We would like to thank . . . Assemblyman Jay Webber . . . for taking a stand and voting against [his] party in this year’s budget.”  Americans for Prosperity–New Jersey

As elected officials in a representative democracy, we should seek and find common ground on issues where possible, so that good policies can improve the lives of our citizens.  To that end, throughout my career I consistently have brought together people on a bipartisan basis to get things done for my constituents and taxpayers.

I also know, though, that leadership sometimes means standing up and setting a different course, even when that requires opposing large majorities of my colleagues or resisting strong partisan pressures.  That’s why it’s not unusual to find me as one of a handful of “no” votes on any given bill.  I firmly believe that New Jersey needs better laws, not necessarily more laws, and so when seemingly popular but ultimately counterproductive legislation moves through the Assembly, I cast a “no” vote.

As a former Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party who led the NJGOP to its first statewide election victory in 12 years, I know firsthand that Party building can produce positive change in the lives of New Jerseyans.  I also know, however, that knee-jerk partisanship is not helpful, and contrary to the wishes of New Jersey’s citizens.

My principled independence has been described by one newspaper as “a sight seen only rarely in Trenton.”  My beliefs and principles, guided by the best interests of the citizens of New Jersey and my District, are the ultimate touchstones for my decision making and actions, not a “go-along-to-get-along” mentality.  Even when other members of my own Party have pressed, I have stood strong for taxpayers and against things like government borrowing without voter approval, corporate welfare, and government overspending.