What They’re Saying About Jay

“The party’s consummate conservative rising star, Webber, a former state party chair, has a reputation as one of the best prepared legislators in Trenton.”

–  PolitickerNJ.com

“Thank you, Jay Webber, for keeping my father’s legacy alive in New Jersey. Jay embodies the same spirit and principles my father held dear.”

–  Michael Reagan


“Assemblyman Webber exemplifies what New Jersey taxpayers are looking for in a leader – fiscal responsibility, honesty, and a willingness to fight for what’s right.”

–  State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr.


“Still strongly conservative . . . [Webber] has looked beyond ideology in several instances, notably working with other legislators to keep private development out of the former Greystone Psychiatric Hospital grounds in Parsippany-Troy Hills”

–  Editorial Board, Recorder Newspapers


Jay Webber is “young, enthusiastic, aggressive, and an excellent speaker . . . . out in front and leading the charge as a dominant voice in the Assembly. Doesn’t just criticize, but offers solutions, such as his in-depth plan on healthcare” and is “often considered a rising star in the Republican Party and has a bright future.”

–  Baba O’Riley, SaveJersey.com


Webber is an “articulate, hard-hitting candidate.”

–  Herb Jackson, The Record


Webber has “walked the walk” and “proven [his] ability to make tough choices in government.”

–  New Jersey Hills


Jay Webber “has a track record as an intense competitor and bucked the odds in 2007 to win his Assembly seat.”

–  PolitickerNJ.com


“There’s a few young New Jersey politicians worth following closely, and Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris) is at the top of that list.”

–  Matt Rooney, SaveJersey.com


“One of a generation of civic leaders already at work trying to fix a broken system and restore faith in the process.”

–  TIME Magazine


“Webber is an authentic conservative voice” and “is someone the grassroots can connect with and believe in.”

–  Rory B. Bellows, Living Jersey


Webber has “shown an admirable ability to temper passion with reason” and “get the wishes of his constituents met.”

–  New Jersey Hills


“Webber . . . is regarded not only as a solid conservative but also a s a likely candidate for higher office in the Garden State.”

–  John Gizzi, Gizzi on Politics


Jay Webber is “a Ronald Reagan conservative and has been a leader on all the conservative issues that the Republican base looks for”

–  Senator Michael Doherty, PolitickerNJ.com


Jay Webber “is a rising star for Republicans in this state.”

–  Eric Sedler, RedJersey


One of New Jersey’s “most articulate and consistent conservative voices,” Jay Webber “is exactly the kind of free-market, limited government, anti-tax leader we need.”

–  Matt Rooney, SaveJersey.com